If you are seeking strength and durability in hay protection for your rural property, we have a solution that will deliver. Our hay sheds can take many forms and layouts; whether you choose a multi-bay open front shed or a large open roof structure. Quite simply, our local stores can design a shed to suit your hay handling.

We design our range of hay sheds with our innovative cold-form portal frame, which is pre-engineered and provides for changes in height, span and length down to 100mm increments. Strength is provided through extended overlaps on purlins and girts and a rafter-over-column bracket system.

We use JSW Steel components, with the frame manufactured from a minimum of 450MPa GALVASPANĀ® steel. This fully galvanised product reduces the risk of corrosion, which offers better protection for your hay. Sutrah are committed to deliver quality steel sheds and our pre-engineering has been accredited by ShedSafe.

When designing your new shed, give consideration to the machinery and equipment used when bailing and transporting your hay. For massive machinery, our roof only structures can provide clear spans up to 30 metres on the gable end. You can choose to keep the cover completely open, or clad any of the walls to offer protection from wind or rain.

Open front sheds have great flexibility too, as bay widths are variable. Not only do you stipulate the number of bays, but you can vary the widths across the length of the shed. Beam overs can provide for extra wide access on the bays that need it.